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We all know that videos are playing important role in conversion and traffic. 

But videos without views, subscribers, likes, favorites, comments are like dead dogs- worthless! How then can they be promoted painlessly?

Brief Introduction To YouTube Bot: Major problem that people encounter is constant freezing which. This is the first thing this program solves. With our tool you can generate 2000 to 3000 real live hits a day. Not only this the major tasks can be automated with this tool. Either sending friends' requests, searching for channels or even subscribing and much more

 When searching You Tube for any keyword, the most viewed are the ones that are placed in the first page of the search, therefore it is important to have views in thousands other wise your video might never be found. Until now, most get stuck under 300 because of the freezing. 
Our software by passes this problem and daily increases the views by thousands. But it is not limited to YT alone, other channels can be imported and it will still work with them effortlessly.
youtube bots

 Using The YouTube Bot: The first thing needed is to download it from our homepage. After that all it needs is activation. When this is done, it is registered on the particular computer. As long as the computer is not formatted, it will continue working and updating automatically. What can then be accomplished? Many things:

(1.) View Increase: This feature can be used for any channel including My Space. this feature will increase "visitors" by 400-600 everyday. We are talking of real visitors and if done well with auto response, subscribers as well. By simply copying the full URL and it is ready to go.

(2.) Easy Account Importation: importation of accounts is easy. Simply typing the accounts into a notepad with their usernames and passwords, slotting them in the setting section.

(3.) Channel Search: Rather than manually searching for channels, our software automates this. Instructing the program to gather through keywords, it will search all channels with such keywords and import them. Also using user's names will do the same trick, bringing people with such names, including first, middle or surname; even aliases.

(4.) Friends' Request: This is also automated. By prompting the tool to send friend's request, it goes to work by sending the requests to both your imported friends and the gathered channels.

(5.) Sending Messages: In built is message sender feature. Acting like auto response, by writing a message, it immediately sends it to everyone imported or added to your channel.

The features are numerous, it is like having a video distributor with auto response and mailer combined. 
It is created primarily to benefit not just the fake subscribers, likes, favorites, comments etc. but as well as the search engine optimization of the sites imbedded in the videos.
 With comment poster, comment voter and 2 different raters, it also incorporates an element of social network, thus allowing the visitors to network with others. It is indeed double-edge sword type of a software: It increases the views exponentially and helps increase it's search engine rank.

 Grab a free YouTube Bot just click the link

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