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YouTube is one of the biggest online video sharing sites. Thousands of videos are posted in YouTube everyday.
Out of this only a few are be able to get the kind of exposure it requires. It is because of the freeze mark (about 300 views or above) provided by YouTube. 
When you are adding a new video this freeze mark has to be covered to get to the top search results of your video title.

So how do we get our video to the top list. Youtube bot is the answer to this. 

It is a unique tool which can automate the tasks like subscribing, getting channels, sending friends request etc. 
This tool will help you to get the initial views required for your site. 

Most important thing to note is that they are 100% real, that is made by real people. 
So there will not any chance to find your views as fake. 
 This is obtained by generating views using every registered users of YouTube bot. As there are more than thousands of users available, we will have a guaranteed 4000 to 7000 views per day.
youtube bot

This tool can be downloaded easily from the web and installed in your system. Make sure that you install your copy of the tool in your personal system and do not let it get deleted.

View increaser is an option provided by this tool to increase the views for your site. 
 To use this function you have to activate your copy. You can use this option once in a day to promote any URL you choose. just copy the URL of your site and paste it on the database. 

You can select the number of days you want the URL to remain in there and then click 'increase views'. It is to be noted that number of view increaser days do not mean that you can use it as many times a day. You can only use it to let your URL to remain in the database for these days. So make use of your days carefully.

free youtube bots

The 'channel gather' is another feature provided by this tool. 
This can be used to automate the whole process of getting channels for you site. You can either use 'gather from keywords' to get channels as per your required keywords or 'gather from user' to get channel from other peoples subscriptions.

The 'friends gatherer' helps you to gather friends from the list of channels you have imported. As there is a limit of 660 request per day and 28 per hour, the YouTube bot will make sure that the total amount of requests is within the limits and save you from getting suspended.

The 'subscriber' will help you to subscribe to a lot of people or get you a large number of subscriptions.
 It can even help you to create fake accounts to increase your subscriptions. It also provides a messenger which help you to send messages to all the channels you gathered and make sure that you are an active member.
 It can even post comments on your videos from fake accounts thus making your site a discussed one.

So what are you waiting for... make it viral and become famous!

Download your free YouTube Bot today

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